Awards granted until June 2016: 65 Gold, 70 silver and 161 bronze

The event has ended and OZ9ØIARU is QRT

The operators at OZ9ØIARU want to say thank you to all the 17.576 different radioamateurs in 183 different countries who contacted us with 30.206 QSOs through the celebrating-year of the 90th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union.
We all have had a great time at our radiostations all over Denmark, and we hope you have enjoyed your contacts with us.

Now the callsign no longer is active on the bands, but you still have the opportunity to get one of our free special-awards. Read all about the rules and how to order on the page for Awards.

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TNX QSO and Best 73 from

Status pr December the 31th 23:59z:   30.206 QSO   -  CW=36%   -  SSB=55%   -  Data=9%

Information about the Danish special event station OZ9ØIARU.

In agreement with the national Danish Radio Amateur organization EDR, a group of Danish amateurs have organized an event to celebrate the IARU's 90th anniversary in 2015.
Danish radio amateurs will be QRV with this special event call in all of the year 2015.
We invite all Radioamateurs World Wide to participate in this event of celebration.
All bands inclusive WARC-bands and all modes may be used, except cross-mode, cross-band contacts and contacts via repeater and echo-link.

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was founded in Paris on 18th of April 1925 and is an association of over 160 national Radio Amateur organizations worldwide. IARU has been the watchdog and spokesman for the world Amateur Radio community since 1925. The IARU Constitution, last amended in 1989, organizes the Union into three Regional Organizations that correspond to the three radio regions of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The IARU Constitution also provides for an IARU Member Society to serve as the Union's International Secretariat.

One of the primary activities of the IARU is to work within the ITU structure to preserve and maintain the spectrum allocated to the amateur radio and amateur-satellite services and to promote the usefulness and value of amateur radio. IARU attends all ITU-R meetings that may have any impact on amateur radio. In addition to being a sector member of ITU-R, the IARU also is a sector member of the Development Sector of ITU, or ITU-D. Emergency communications, disaster planning and response are topics discussed in ITU-D and IARU participates in those discussions. The nine individuals who are members of the IARU AC cannot attend all of the numerous ITU meetings that are important to amateur radio. There are quite a number of qualified individuals, termed Expert Consultants and Technical Representatives, who volunteer their time and effort in attending meetings and participate in working groups or study groups on behalf of the IARU.

Get more information on the IARU official website or visit OZ6GH website here.

If you have any questions about OZ9ØIARU, please do not hesitate to contact us at

73 Jorgen OZ0J
Chairman of event
Udgivet 27.3.2019

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Deadline for your request is
December 1st 2016

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So the event is over and we hope to meet you again on the bands in another new event.
see you in the future!

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OZ9ØIARU  -   This special callsign is activated in 2015 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the IARU, International Amateur Radio Union. The Call will be active on almost all frequency bands and with many different modes. Also you have the possibility to obtain an Award - see the rules on the Award-page. All information provided on OZ9ØIARU sites is provided for information purposes only. Information on OZ9ØIARU websites is subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, OZ9ØIARU makes no guarantees of any kind. You may contact with questions.